Robotics and programming

Application of robots in the industrial production is currently an important reference point in worldwide trend. If you look at the costs for one robot in relation to its average lifetime, which is approx. 6-7 years when conventionally used, the robots of Mitsubishi Electric will surprise you with less costs of an average of just 1,65 €/h for the procurement and operation.

The most powerful robots of Mitsubishi Electric are the result of interaction of market-leading technologies and well-studied design. So, for example, pneumatic hoses and signal cables installed in the robots decrease expense and costs while connecting the grippers and sensors, and increase the safety at work. The potential application in factory automation ranges from component assembly by means of quality management and workpiece postprocessing up to the object localization and removal from conveyor belt.

Of course the powerful industrial robots need also powerful and easy-to-use programming interface. We offer customized software-tools for your robots together with programming software MELFA Works of Mitsubishi Electric. All task areas such as project creation, programming and simulation are perfectly interrelated. The result is optimal movement sequences in short time required to install and start up. This will reduce and set up times.

If you have any questions of robots, we are at your disposal at any time. We look forward to hearing from you!