We proudly refer you our list of references for well-known companies which have reposed their trust in us. We would be glad to welcome you as our client too.

    • Daimler-Chrysler (Sindelfingen, Rastatt, Germersheim)
    • Audi (Neckarsulm, Ingolstadt)
    • Dürr (Site management in Europe, Russia (welding robotic cells), Poland, China, America, South Africa
    • Siemens dep. conveyor technology, storage and retrieval machines (RGB)
    • Porsche (Stuttgart)
    • BMW (München)
    • MAN Roland
    • Volvo (Sweden)
    • Ford (nationwide and abroad)
    • Herbold (Meckesheim), Recycling lines, cutting mills
    • Maggi
    • Maizena
    • Kardex Mlog
    • Mannesmann Demag
    • Esselte Leitz (Heilbronn)
    • SFI Stotz Fredenhagen
    • Fritz Maschinenbau (Utz-Gruppe)
    • HDM Heidelberger Druckmaschinen
    • VW USA Chattanooga
    • Bär Automation

    Areas of our activity

    Conveyor and assembly lines

    Conveyor systems, container conveyors and pallet conveyor systems, chain conveyors, electrical monorails, painting systems, picking systems, visualization, high-bay storage buildings and retrieval machines (RGB)

    Recycling and environmental protection

    Shredding machines, grinding machines, recycling plants, cutting mills

    Mechanical engineering

    Plant engineering, machine engineering and special engineering


    Sheet metal processing, heating - ventilation - climate control  (HKL)

    Automobile - Supplier area

    Car suppliers, for example for Detroit/USA